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Jun 20,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

eCommerce gets Pinteresting

By now, you could well have heard about – or even be using – Pinterest, the latest addition to the social media family. However, while it’s great for pinning all those things you’d love to own, that make you laugh or are just generally nice to look at, there’s much more to it than that – especially when it comes to eCommerce, which is exactly what we're keen on here at Juno Web Design.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a social media network about the things people want to consume rather than being about what they’re doing. You’re much more likely to get pins about things people have seen online and would like to own than you are to get ones about what they’re doing at that second. And this is exactly why it should be taken seriously.

Pinterest channels serious traffic to your website. If either you or someone else pins a product or image from your site, there will automatically be a link to its source, which people often click on. Already, Pinterest refers more traffic than Twitter. Though Facebook is still the one to beat, Pinterest links across Facebook and Twitter accounts so you’re hitting all three at once.

There’s no real conversations taking place on Pinterest, it’s more about looking and discovering new products and need-to-own objects. Users on average follow 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest, which compares favourably to 6.9 retailers on Facebook.

Currently it has around 12 million active users, though this is growing rapidly, so now’s the time to get on board with Pinterest. You can do this in any number of ways, from creating Pinterest boards yourself to adding the Pinterest icon to your site. Following other pinners who fit your customer profile will help to increase interest in your Pinterest account. You don’t just need to pin your products, creating boards that tell the story of your brand is also a great way to engage with customers.

When it comes to social media, it pays to stay ahead of the curve – and Pinterest is currently the place to be.