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Oct 30,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Effective web design in action—Home Care Direct

Effective web design isn’t just reserved for online entities or multi-national corporations—companies of all kinds can benefit from having a tailored, user-friendly website no matter what sector they operate in, with the home care industry being no exception. That’s why we want to take a minute to talk about our design for Home Care Direct.

This site has been specifically developed to suit the precise needs of the business and the home care industry as a whole, boasting an exceptional level of usability with the simple layout meaning everything is easy to navigate and information is easily accessible. The uncluttered design draws the eye to the pertinent points whilst the added feature of different text sizes and even different contrast levels is great for those with (for example) a sight impairment, putting the potential user at the forefront of the design and ensuring everyone can navigate the site with ease. Information is displayed clearly and simply and it targets both those seeking care as well as professionals, offering tailored content accordingly.

Putting the user first is vital in any industry, but perhaps even more so in this sector. Think about it for a minute—the home care industry is based on trust and reliability, and if potential clients don’t get a good impression from your website they won’t have much confidence in your services. Then there’s the fact that a poor design won’t win you any favours in the quest for high rankings, traffic and conversions—a good design will use SEO techniques and will incorporate SEO-rich content to attract search engines whilst offering a great user experience, and this site has it all covered.

So, take a leaf out of Home Care Direct’s book and spend some time developing a suitable site (or get in touch so we can do it for you) and you could soon see how beneficial effective web design can be.