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May 22,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Entry pages for a more powerful site

As you can imagine there are many ways to make a site more powerful and more attractive to visitors. This includes SEO work- boosting ratings in Google, white hat techniques to build organic links and constant production of content in the form of blogs and comments. There are so many ways, and the more powerful your site, the more results you see,from a variety of angles!

One of the many ways to capture more traffic and direct them to your site, is the creation of entry pages. This allows users to search for specific terms, keywords and phrase and find your site through a targeted page, which isn't necessarily linked in the main sites navigation.

Using targeted content and letting the pages "float", but using links to direct to the main site, targeted pages are a fantastic way to refer more traffic. You're creating unique content, which Google loves, then using it to grab the attention of customers, who may use a range of phrases to find products and services. Then you're pushing them through to your site with the use of links and language.

Juno Web Design use targeted pages to help their clients capture a whole range of customers.

Select Factoring provide financial solutions in the form of Invoice Discounting. We have created targeted pages for local areas and also to cover a range of phrases used by companies looking for those specific financial services.

Using your site in a creative way and directing back to your site from all angels, will make it quite powerful. Concentrate on adding a few targeted pages, that do not feature in the main navigation and you will start to see your traffic rising and more hits to the site. You will also start to realise which phrases are the most popular when customers search for your products and services.

Juno Web Design