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May 16,2013 Shopify API

For Goodness Shakes gets Wordpress at its best

Think Wordpress is just a basic blog framework? Think again! With the right kind of expertise you can use Wordpress to get a site that’s as visually impressive as it is functional, combining all the usual aspects of design with great backend functionality, and here at Juno Web Design we’ve got that level of expertise. For Goodness Shakes is the latest client to benefit from this way of operating, and we’ve managed to create a site that’s more engaging, smarter and simpler than ever before.

For Goodness Shakes is a leader in the sports nutrition market, known for creating products that can help maximise performance and deliver results, and their latest site was specifically designed to promote their high-level protein and recovery products. But, they didn’t want to combine the two in one basic site—they wanted the necessary level of separation whilst retaining the same look and feel, and that’s why we created a dual site. Visitors can flip between the protein and recovery site with ease, keeping things incredibly simple and meaning they don’t need to go elsewhere to get the necessary products, and with everything being carefully designed to retain brand consistency we think it’s a spectacular result.

Of course, it isn’t all about looks. It’s highly functional as well and has been designed to boost engagement and ensure everything’s simple to use and information is easy to find, and of course, given the premium nature of the site we needed to make sure the science behind the products was easily accessible. Products can be easily located, information is easy to source and everything works together seamlessly, and because it’s Wordpress it’s easy to use for the client too. This is Wordpress at its best, and if you like the results just get in touch and see what we can do for you.