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Mar 28,2010 Shopify API

FuelSure, New website design

We recently undertook the redesign of the FuelSure brand website design. The Fuelsure product designed to prevent car owners from making the mistake of filling up Diesel cars with petrol has recently been taken up by the RAC which is big news for the company. The product was Magenta in colour but has been produced in orange to suit the new RAC campaign.  As such the new design is Orange and the site has been designed for search engine performance with greater attention brought to the sale to trade buyers on the site which is the core objective.
The product is perfect for hire and fleet vehicles where Petrol Diesel accidents are commonplace and cause millions of pounds worth of damage to businesses in the UK annually. The product is simple in function and ensures vehicle users make a conscious decision to use diesel before they fill up.

As part of the project we will be carrying out search engine optimisation for the site to improve visibility for the brand.

To see the Fuelsure website old and soon to be replaced with the new site click here --> Petrol in diesel

New Fuelsure website design

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