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Jul 02,2009 Shopify API

Gold Plating - Goldie Horns Electroplating

As web designers it is our duty to give back sometimes. We were approached by an ambitious young man called Riki Flynn with ideas for launching a gold plating business in Nottingham. Through discussion and research it became clear that the gold plating market is wide open for a great business with a powerful website. Impressed with Riki's ambition, knowledge of the electroplating market and touched by his life story, we have decided to give him a free website and not only that optimise the site so that it dominates the search engines in his field... and it feels good.

Currently Goldie Horns plating in Nottingham is a from home business achieving a few sales a week. It is the perfect platform to test whether we can change someones life in an unusual and very exciting field through web design and search engine optimisation.

Goldie Horns Plating Nottingham offers great value and service... if you would like to try electroplating please contact Riki directly

T:     0115 950 9331
M:    0781 764 4028

24 Booth Close

Here is the Goldie Horns Plating design so far, we will keep you posted with how it goes.

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