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Aug 01,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

Google Builds New Checkout Store Gadget

Google has made another addition to its growing list of services. The company has built an amazing Google Checkout gadget that can be used for ecommerce websites. The tool can be inserted anywhere, including blogs and websites. It comes in three different sizes - large, small, and tiny.

Google Checkout is an online payment processing tool designed to streamline web purchasing processes.  With the gadget now in place, Google Checkout can be easily made available on websites selling products and even services. Once users sign up for the service, they can have a full list of products in a spreadsheet and be able to administer their stocks in Google Docs.

Beyond worrying about web design and  SEO techniques, online store owners need to ensure their businesses are profitable. Google's new gadget makes life easier for business owners to keep tabs on profit and cashflow.

The gadget has been getting rave reviews from aspiring online store proprietors. Being a project of Google Labs, it is still in the experimental stages which means the gadget could still have a few bugs, but we all know Google releases updates in no time.

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