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Aug 02,2009 Juno Ecommerce

Google to Redesign YouTube, Again

Rumours have been flying around about Google's plan to redesign video sharing website YouTube.

YouTube's current web design is relatively poor in comparison with that of Hulu. The problem with the site is its apparent lack of revenue. Though YouTube remains the most popular online video site across the globe, it still fails to turn traffic into huge cash. It needs premium content to gross more revenue per viewer.

The planned redesign involves transforming YouTube into a video search engine. The change has not been made official yet, but whatever it is, it looks more like YouTube is geared towards having search as a center of its viewer's experience.

A few months back, YouTube made a Hulu-like approach to steal the limelight from its closest competitor to date.  The tweak was well received, but it still falls short in being a consistent profit-generator.

With another redesign on the horizon, YouTube is planning to put some distance between itself and its rivals.