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Feb 03,2011 Shopify API Ecommerce

Google to target China

Google seems to be going from strength to strength with regards to its ever-increasing online portfolio; however, it doesn’t intend to stop where it is. No instead ex chief executive and new executive chairman of Google; Eric Schmidt claims that the web giant’s next move is to once again target the country of China.

In an interview with the BBC, Schmidt reluctantly expressed his and the company Google’s interests in China. He stated that although the company pulled out of communication with China in March last year, he hopes to re-conciliate the censorship differences and once again merge Google back into the country.

Schmidt believes that with careful website design taking in to consideration different cultural sensitivities, he does not see why countries such as China cannot benefit from Google. This along with the specific governments playing a role in watching what Google does with reference to policy concerns and anti-trust issues within the chosen countries will ensure that Google runs smoothly and above board in most countries across the world.

As well as Google’s plans to re-conciliate with China, Schmidt also spoke about suggestions that the multi-million pound company has lost its edge over the likes of Facebook. In response to these claims Mr Schmidt claimed that Google still very much has its edge and is still the innovative leader at scale. He did however state that ‘yes’ Facebook and other social networking sites may have stolen a bit of thunder as Google itself has been too late in creating social capabilities to their core products, which in a way is a polite way of saying that they totally missed the most important and popular boat to sale past the World Wide Web in the past decade, perhaps ever!

So, everything is rosy in the Google garden, the company is turning over an estimate 80 million per day and they are set to target the mass country that is china, happy days!