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Jan 13,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

Increase Traffic From Yahoo Answers in 3 Easy Steps

Do serious marketers really use Yahoo! Answers? And if so, do they do it with success?

The result is a reverberating "yes!" on both scores.

True, there are some immature questions (and answers) on Yahoo! Answers. But there is a raft of sensible questions that give you the chance to build yourself as a niche expert. And best off, a lot of of these questions finish up on a regular basis at the top of the search engines... Specially if you optimise your answers using long-tail keywords for your SEO!

Here's how you are able to use Yahoo! Answers to drive hits to your web site and build your newsletter...

1) Find Niche Questions... And Answer quick

You should allow time once or twice a day to answer questions that are directly affiliated your niche. But here is the key: You want to be quick. If you are among the 1st to offer a careful answer, your answer is more probable to be selected as the best answer. (And that means more hits and exposure for you.)

Otherwise, if you post an answer after loads of other people have already posted, your answer will probably just repeat everybody else's answers. And that's just a "me too" answer.

2) Post sensible, complete Answers

Do not be haphazard. The more beneficial your answer, the more probable it is to be selected as the best answer. And the more heedful answers you provide, the more your reputation will rise as a niche expert. Both of these lead straight to more traffic, a bigger list, and more sales!

3) Place Your Link

Do not forget to post your link as the "source" of your answer. But be sure to link to a content page rather than a squeeze page.