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Nov 30,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

Increase Your RSS Subscribers In 7 Steps

Every blog needs readers to remain profitable. You need people laying eyes on your blog to make sales. Many bloggers are overlooking a very important component in becoming profitable. RSS subscribers. Learning how to increase your RSS subscribers is a skill that every blogger needs to learn.

It's no secret that a lot of blog readers prefer to read your blog through RSS. These readers may never see your blog but crafty bloggers know how to make RSS subscribers come to their blog. So don't ignore RSS subscribers, they can be the difference between a profitable blog and a ho-hum blog.

Here are 7 tricks to increase your RSS subscribers.

1. Start a contest for RSS Subscribers only. Many bloggers have used this technique very successfully. People will want to take part in the contest and sign up so they can participate.

2. Publish RSS Subscriber only post. Other bloggers have used the this baiting technique to get people to sign up to their RSS feeds. All you do is every once in a while, publish a list or a list of tips only to your RSS subscribers. Make sure you post about these "special tips" to your regular readers on your blog. This will make them sign up so they don't miss out on the special tips.

3. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. There are many RSS directories out there. You need to submit your RSS feed to each of them. To find them, just go to Google and type in 'list of RSS directories'. It will be time consuming, but well worth it!

4. Use those RSS Subscription icons. Yes, they do help! These icons make it very easy for readers to your blog to sign up under their favorite RSS reader. If you make your readers work to get signed up to your RSS feed, many won't go to the trouble.

5. Publish your feed count. If you have over one hundred RSS subscribers, show the feed count. Other bloggers seeing that other people have signed up to your feed feel that they should also. It's a funny thing, the more RSS subscribers you have, the easier it is to get them.

6. Use Full RSS feeds. If you make your RSS subscribers click on a "more" link to finish reading your blog post, many will unsubscribe. Make it easy for them to read your entire blog post by publishing full RSS feeds.

7. Use FeedBurner and sign up email subscribers. I use FeedBurner so that my readers can sign up with their email. Some just prefer to read the post in their email, so I make it easy for them. It only takes a second to put a sign up form on your blog.

RSS subscribers are a very profitable part of any blog. Learn how to increase your RSS subscribers and watch your profits go up. Failing to take advantage of RSS subscribers is like leaving money on the table, a lot of money!

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