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May 25,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Is a bad Checkout preventing your customers from buying?

So, you are happy with the amount of visitors to your site. The SEO is working well, you're ranking well for certain keywords and categories, the traffic is coming through, users are spending time and looking around, and success, they have added a product to their shopping baskets. Now all they need to do is go through the Checkout system. But wait, they've disappeared!!!










Many customers are happy and browse, adding items to a shopping basket, but come up against a terrible checkout system, and they will leave.

Is this happening to you? Is your checkout similar to running an obstacle course? And how can you get around this?

Juno Web Design look at some tips to streamline checkout procedures and turn those products to actual sales.

Apparently only 30% of people who add items to their shopping baskets, actually go through with the purchase.  Here are some of the bad mistakes made that stop customers from actually buying.

Naming the area something other than a Checkout. It confuses people.

Putting a "BUY" button. Sounds a little mad, but people think that by hitting that button the are committing, and maybe they want to continue browsing. Using "add to basket/cart" is a better option

Giving no indication that items have been added to the basket, have I added this?? Shall I add it again? Oh no, now I have 16 of the same item!

Offering related items before the customer actually purchases their items. This can really put people off.

Users want an experience, and they want the smoothest possible transaction possible. It is a bit of  a bind when going through the motions of purchasing goods online, when you have to fill out numerous details such as addresses, this is when something like Postcode Anywhere for Magento can help with auto refill and saving the addresses.

In simple terms, make the buying process non intrusive and as smooth as possible and you should see an increase in purchasing!

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