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Oct 02,2012 Shopify API

Keep it clean

Keep it clean

Good web design is all about providing a great user experience, but it can’t be denied that wider industry trends have an influence on things too. You need to keep up with the times if you want to offer that ideal combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, and these days it’s all about keeping things clean.

The “clean web” movement is defined as being minimalist, simple and fuss-free, and it’s thought to be the result of a number of different factors—the widespread dislike of banner ads, the increase of mobile devices (and therefore the need for simpler design) and the reaction to an overload of information has meant people are longing for the more minimalist look, and so the clean web movement has arrived.

It’s all about distilling content to a simpler format, with core elements of the movement being simple typography, a lot of negative space, easy navigation and careful use of colour. Colour as a whole is minimal with a lot of sites that demonstrate this kind of design generally sticking to black, grey and white scales, with colour being used sparingly but (as a result) all the more effectively when it’s actually noticed.

This style is all about focusing on the words and using images to highlight rather than distract, with this new method being a far cry from the brightly coloured, overtly attention-grabbing and often cluttered sites of days gone by—these sites attract attention on a whole new level, and they do so by keeping it simple. The look is subtle, subdued and incredibly effective, so if you’re looking to give your site a bit of a revamp or even if you’re just starting out in the online arena, make sure to keep it clean and you’ll easily be a part of this movement.