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Nov 17,2010 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce

Mammoth Supplements - Protein Supplements Suppliers

Juno are proud to present the new website, a whole ecommerce website dedicated to performance enhancing supplements for fitness and bodybuilding.

Mammoth will be selling a range of bodybuilding supplements, including protein supplements and testosterone boosters. The site stems from the highly successful brand Trec Nutrition which sells it's own brand of nutritional supplements.

Again the e-commerce platform Magento has been used to build the Mammoth store and a Wordpress blog has been incorporated into the site to booster on-site SEO.  Having both a Polish and a British version of the site proved a challenge but lessons learned from other multi-language Magento sites have been a sigh of relief for the developers.

Whilst on-site SEO tweaks are still being performed on the site Juno are ensuring that the site's categories match popular search key-phrases. The site's Meta information is set to be automated away from the Magento default to help gain as many clicks and pages indexed from the search engines as possible.  Since the initial linking process and the site improvements has gone from zero pages indexed by Google to 46 within 5 days.  A similar meta change was made on the website by ourselves which added another 9,000 pages into Google's index and made the site rank in the top 5 for the keyword "sunglasses".

Mammoth has a simple, clean look and a product range all focusing on the word "supplements" which is why we believe it will become a successful vehicle for sales once it picks up speed in Google.  Clever use of blog writing around the "supplement" keyword will engrave the supplement theme into search engine's spiders making the product range more attractive to rank higher for supplement searches.  Our improvements to the Magento shopping cart and the inclusion of both paypal and credit card payment options will certainly help sales and we look forward to seeing Mammoth's sales curve over the next few months.