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Dec 17,2007 Shopify API

Mike Robinson officially joins the team

Today Mike Robinson officially joins the Rolled Limited team as a Content Management System developer. Essentially this means he'll be working with Wordpress, Expression Engine, Drupal and the like to provide solutions for our clients. He'll also be managing official Rolled built CMS based sites, including Sausage Roll, and making sure they are consistently up to scratch and updated.

His team member page describes him as so:
Mike is a Scotsman who hacks Content Management Systems, such as Wordpress, Drupal and Expression Engine, into submission to get your site up and running. He is responsible for taking your web design and applying his knowledge of each platform to build a site with all the functionality you require. He's also the resident tea boy as required..
He fought off several impressive people to get the full-time position and will be starting full-time in January after our yearly Christmas holiday which lasts from the 22nd until the 10th of January.

Join me in welcoming Mike to the Rolled team, may we all look forward to seeing his CMS work produce brilliant client websites in the future.