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Jul 28,2009 Shopify API

MySpace Boosts Events Platform, Overtaking Evite

MySpace has been widely criticized for its stonewalled growth and lack of stability. During its heyday back in 2006, the social networking site had its 100 millionth account in no time. About a year after, its web design was overhauled, where several features were improved to compete with rival Facebook.

Among the most notable changes made were the recreation of MySpace Music and Myspace profile. While these two were deemed the site's best features, an unrequited Events Platform was slowly taking the spotlight.

The platform has overtaken Evite, a social-planning website for creating, sending, and managing online invitations. Evite claims it is the top event planning site on the web, with about 600,000 invitations sent per day.

However, sources say MySpace has towered Evite's numbers, with 700,000 invitations sent per day. With a recently launched application and booming Events Platform, MySpace would undoubtedly bounce back from the pit, at least in the events planning perspective. Facebook still rules the social networking market, and MySpace is trailing behind by a mile.