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May 23,2011 Shopify API Ecommerce

New Design for Godine Booking Service

Godine is a really personal project for us as we have been heavily involved from conception as well as enjoying a long history of friendship with the company. Long have we been discussing a new web design with the team at Godine and recently we have got the go ahead. In honesty the old design is a few years out of date and in some ways has a little too much of the look and feel of the 'clowns pocket'.

As such we are introducing some new current styles with a lot of thought towards a more on brand look and feel, with a heavy lean towards conversion. We have removed the weight of colour in the site to restructure the heirarchy of information and call to action with a view to increasing business revenue.

Alongside this we have undertaken a wholesale search and internet marketing strategy, that has seen traffic and goal conversions almost double. This design is we see as one of the final pieces to the puzzle for Godine before the the restaurant booking service spreads beyond the Midlands throughout the UK.

Here is a preview of the new restaurants page

[caption id="attachment_4626" align="alignnone" width="588" caption="New Godine Restaurants Page"][/caption]

Here is the Old Restaurants Page

[caption id="attachment_4627" align="alignnone" width="557" caption="Godine Old Design "][/caption]

The new restaurants page design is inevitably leading onto a full redesign of all pages with a view to establishing Godine as best in class.