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Apr 11,2010 Shopify API Ecommerce

New web design for the Juno brand in progress

Web design is part of our business and our current theme has served a purpose for the past year and a half. Our current theme has become a bit of a Frankensteins monster as it has evolved. It is now time for Juno to change its appearance to reflect our current business offering. Our team and service offering and direction has changed dramatically since our current website design was conceived.

Juno now offer:

Internet Marketing and SEO
Marketing Communications
Web design
Web Development

Juno build online business and web design is now a very important but small part of the service we provide to clients and our new website design needs to clearly communicate our offering and brand direction.

Here is the current, soon to be old web design for the records.

[caption id="attachment_3081" align="alignleft" width="588" caption="Juno Web Design"][/caption]