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Mar 07,2010 Shopify API Ecommerce

Persol Sunglasses, Page One

Persol Sunglasses is a tough search term and one that we have just achieved page one position for our client Sunglasses Save. We are targeting several 30 or so search phrases for Sunglasses save including several of the brands they stock.

We are currently adapting the web design to convert to sale better (conversion) and altogether run faster and provide an improved customer experience.

The sun is coming out and the whole strategy has been about getting into position for the seasonal trend. As well as achieving top spots for several search phrases we are also optimising for the big one 'sunglasses' and are making steady progress, the site as a whole is becoming stronger across the board.

There is one other player in this field that sets the standard and we are looking to compete. There is a lot more technology and SEO required over the next year to start to challenge.

View the Sunglasses Save range of Persol Sunglasses (click here) ---> Persol Sunglasses
View the Sunglasses Save range of Rayban Sunglasses (click here) ---> Rayban Sunglasses

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