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Mar 18,2010 Shopify API Ecommerce

Personal Trainer London, GB Personal Training

Personal Trainer London is a search phrase that GB Personal training are hoping to take with a new website design. GB Personal Training are a fast growing team of personal trainers in London specialising in high impact training regimes. A weapon of choice for the GB Personal team is the kettlebell and they run fantastic Kettlebell classes which promote personal fitness and core strength.

The head honcho at GB Personal training is Greg Brookes who with a military background knows how to motivate and get the best results. GB source the best personal trainers and run training courses to develop and foster trainers of the right calibre. They are not just any other training company, they are the best and fastest growing in all of London.

To find out more about GB Personal Training Services:

Tel: 0800 080 7021

or view the site by following this -----> Personal trainer London

Below is a screenshot of our web design

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