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Mar 04,2010 Juno Ecommerce

Petrol in a diesel car - FuelSure

Petrol in a diesel car? YES to your colleagues and friends you are now officially marked as a terrible dufus. There really is no two ways about it, silly mistake and you will be ridiculed for some time.

This is something we have all had a brush with... particularly in a rental or replacement / borrowed diesel car.

If you put petrol in a diesel car the outcome is swift and embarrassing. After a mile or two your diesel car with petrol injection will come to a spluttering standstill. Without RAC assistance you will be paying for a tow and possible some vehicle repair in a flash. The real cost is in that meeting you missed and the constant heckling you will undoubtably suffer... diesel boy.

The answer is simple, dont do it... or protect yourself, your vehicle or fleet of vehicles by taking the appropriate precautions. FuelSure offer an innovative and inexpensive solution to prevent petrol in diesel engine accidents.

Dont be that man.... visit the fuelsure site and click here ----> Petrol in Diesel

Or call FuelSure on 0845 09 50 111