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Jul 20,2010 Shopify API

Positive Results From Juno's New Design

We recently updated our website to reflect Juno's maturity as Nottingham's #1 web design team.

The old site design had many elements 'bolted' on over time making it dis-jointed and unclear what our focus was.  When we delved into the world of conversion optimisation we were alerted to the fact that the old design had a negative colour scheme and key areas of our site were hard to reach such as our impressive portfolio page.

Here is an image of the old design:

The new design focuses on our key client base showcasing websites we have built in the past, Magento ecommerce platforms we can produce and the incredible results achieved by the SEO team.

Another prominent feature of the new design is the contact information, naturally we want to make it as easy as possible for people to call us!

The new clear and concise design of Juno is shown below:

You'll notice a considerable less amount of clutter on the new site which is hidden away in the "Expand+" tab.   Navigation is clear and the soft colour scheme of blue, grey and white allows buttons to stand out.  Links are clear blue which has proven most popular in usability tests and green ticks also stand out showing our main selling points.

Google Analytics tracking clearly shows the positive impact of these changes; shown below is the average time on the site before and after the change:

Currently there is a positive trend of around a minute extra on the site per visitor.  This trend is again shown in the average pageviews per visitor, more people are looking at more pages on Juno since the change:

Juno has recently worked on to some big clients such as Corbeau Racing Seats, Macmillian Dictionary and Sunglasses Save and hopes to continue working alongside larger and larger clients for successful online businesses.

To contact Juno now call us on 0115 941 8122