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Nov 21,2009 Juno Ecommerce

Quo Vadis Restaurant Soho - Web Design

We have undertaken a four website project to overhaul the web design brand image for three of the best restaurants in London. Quo Vadis Restaurant and members club soho, the acclaimed Tapas restaurant Fino, and Barrafina the throbbing Tapas restaurant. Within this project we are also redesigning Hambleton Hall, one of the finest Hotels in the UK. It is a really exiting project for us and we are looking not only to improve the visuals for the site but also build in high performance features to improve the search engine capability of the sites. Of course the design will include strong call to action to convert high levels of traffic to business.

We designed the websites for the group some years back, but with the relentless evolution of the web it is now time to revisit the sites and bring them up to date. All the websites will be built on the Wordpress platform and will include some pretty clever technology we have planned with the guys in the group.

A great feature of the sites will be the menu generation. The restaurants will post their daily menu's to the site that will generate printable versions for the tables. The site will handle what is currently a tricky and long winded process and the site will display daily what food is available. Great for customers and potentially saving hundreds of man hours across several restaurants over the year.

Here is the Quo Vadis Web Design so far:

[caption id="attachment_2452" align="alignleft" width="588" caption="Quo Vadis Restaurant | Web Design"][/caption]