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Jul 09,2007 Shopify API Ecommerce

Registering a Domain Name

The first step in the web design process is registering a domain, it is important to consider the facts.

In a recent survey the largest UK registry for website domain names states that when sourcing information on the web using a Search Engine Internet users in the Britain are nearly six times more likely to choose a over a .com web address .

A survey of over 2300 people suggests 32 percent believe that it is important to register web domains to appeal to local and new customers.

The findings suggest that nearly 65 percent believe that a web address implies a business is local and more appropriate than a .com.

Ultimately the best decision is to purchase the .com and web domains if available and redirect traffic to the url that you choose. This ensures that you are easily found and that competitors going by the same name cannot compete for searches in your company name.