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May 13,2010 Shopify API Ecommerce

Remote Control Blinds - New Product from Controliss

Now electric remote control blinds are affordable for everyone!  Controliss have invented an electric blind that runs on just AA batteries; no longer do you need an electrician and a builder to install these blinds.  Controliss have a wide range of blinds that can be customised with different colours, sizes and textures; see their range of venetian, wooden and vertical blinds on the website.

Call Controliss - 01159 311 911
See their range of electric blinds - click here

All the electric blinds are controlled with a wireless remote that is designed to be easy to use by anyone whilst looking stylish.  This removes the need for any cords to control the blinds thus making it safe for children running around the house.  Another advantage is for mobility; anyone who finds it difficult to move, use their hands or has a mental handicap could benefit from an automatic blind system in their home.

The Controliss website allows you to see every product available with an extensive set of images and videos.  When you order over £99 worth of goods delivery will become free and each delivery is recorded and insured to ensure it arrives to the customer.  There is no set size for the blind you want, the website allows you to enter any width or height in millimeters.

So why not visit and see what they have to offer - currently you can get FREE samples of any design you like the look of by visiting the site or calling 01159 311 911