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May 30,2007 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce

Rolled looking to expand once again

I'm gearing up the start of a recruitment drive for Rolled where there are a mass amount of opportunities for both starting and established developers. We work primarily in PHP/mySQL but are starting to see requests for ASP.NET, C++/C#, Python and Ruby on Rails. We are also in need of web designers.

The prices we charge depend on the people quoting for the particular job and we require everyone to have a instant messaging contact address for initial enquiries. Whether you charge very little or a lot - we are interested in speaking to you about opportunities Rolled can offer.

I can't stress enough at this point that agencies should not bother applying and that we are only looking for English speaking people in the US/Canada, Great Britain, Europe or Australia. isn't a tied down contract and you are free to work for yourself on any other projects that may come along. We require non-disclosure agreements for all projects during the development/design process and expect freelancers to be able to self-manage the projects given to them to an extent.

We are looking for people with any of the following
- Experienced PHP developers for large jobs, and young developers looking to become established by doing smaller jobs and working their way up
- Deep CSS/XHTML knowledge, with the ability to code PSD's or PNG's into XHTML Strict and CSS valid layouts
- Experience with vBulletin or Invision Power Board, modding or skinning
- WordPress, Expression Engine or Movable Type experience
- Established web designers
- People with experience in ASP.NET, C++, C# or Ruby
- People with experience with frameworks such as CakePHP, Code Igniter or Rails

If you have any of these qualities and are interested in being handed work on a freelance basis - feel free to send an e-mail over to with some details about yourself and what it is you can do - and your availability for any work.