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Nov 16,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

Seo Press Formula Release

If you have done any kind of online marketing, you must know how important marketing and promotion is to the life of your online business. It can become quite illusive if you don't have a specific blueprint of how you should market on the Internet.

Of course, keyword research is of the utmost importance, but so is Web design, viral marketing, forum membership, niche marketing and knowing the guidelines of the major search engines especially Google, to enable you to get top placement and maintain it.

A product called SEO Press Formula will be released on November 6, 2008 by Brian Johnson that is set to address all these details of online promotion. I had a chance to review a copy of this product and must say I was impressed. 

It is frustrating when you spend hours promoting a product or website and all of a sudden when you check the search engine; you are no longer anywhere to be found. It is as if you dropped off the search engine map into now where. If that has not happened to you, if you are around long enough on the Internet Marketing scene without the SEO Press Formula, then it is a given that you will.

Multiplying your efforts by leveraging other people's efforts is another key to success online. SEO Press Formula teaches you how to do that. You are only one person so unless you are going to outsource your projects, there is no way you can do everything yourself and there is not many hours in the day to do that. So you will need all the help and resources as you can summon. You also need a push button method to direct targeted traffic to your website as SEO Press Formula does.

Traffic is extremely important and free traffic is even better. However, you want to have your web site structured in such a way as to have your visitor or prospect know which link to click on and where to go next. A good squeeze page is a good place to begin with a great landing page. I have visited some websites that are so confusing; I just click out of them and leave right away. You want to have an organized web page that is clear and not crowded.

There are different dynamics to marketing online and if you are going to try to learn it all on your own, then you are in for a longer haul than if you get the right resources to guide you from people like Brian Johnson , of SEO Press Formula and others who have tried and proven systems that are already working. Why invent the wheel when you can use the blueprint written and experienced by your peers?

Internet Marketing is not difficult if you are equipped with the right information. There is so much information online that are misleading because I have made the mistake of being duped by the sales tactic of others and I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone else. So when you are looking for resources and tools to help you, then you should always search for someone online who has reviewed the product or can recommend it from personal use.