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Jun 06,2013 Shopify API

Sleek new style for Sprayway

These days a good website relies as much on looks as it does functionality, and with visitors expecting more than ever before it’s vital to stay ahead of the game. Giving your website a sleek new style can be one of the best ways to enhance your online presence and ramp up your image, and Sprayway is the latest client to benefit from one of our overhauls.

Sprayway is a key player in the outdoor clothing and equipment market. It’s a brand with clear values—it produces quality products but maintains a friendly, informal image to inspire trust and confidence in the company, and we wanted to translate that into their new design. We’ve kept things sleek and simple without going too corporate, utilising effective images to portray the friendly tone, paying close attention to the layout to ensure navigation is as stress-free as possible.

Of course, we’ve kept everything simple to use too. Categories are clearly displayed with effective images again coming into play, with functionality and style being combined in one simple step. Information is easy to access whilst social media connections only add to the friendly, relaxed tone, and with their latest news headlines being clearly visible on the front page it encourages interaction and engagement on a whole new level.

We’ve worked hard to ensure we’ve maintained Sprayway’s image whilst giving them a website that can really perform, and with their tagline being a clear design feature there’s added brand consistency and recognition. If you think it’s time to give your website a similar upgrade, just get in touch—a sleek new look could be all you need to make your mark in the online arena, so call us on 0845 544 1766 or contact us now.  and see if we could give your site the same kind of treatment.