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Nov 20,2008 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce SEO

The Secret Tip On Writing A Feature Article!

The Secret Tip On Writing A Feature Article!

The No.1 challenge of all marketers is getting targeted traffic and targeted paid traffic is rarely cheap. You all know that Adwords costs are skyrocketing these days just like oil prices and it is getting harder to make money using PPC.

However, you do not have to struggle with poor traffic and sales. If you have the proper blueprint to catapult your subscriber base, make sales and provide valuable information to your prospect on a long-term basis, then you would have set yourself in a competitive and endearing position for the future of the Internet.

What if you come across a system that allows you to writing an article review that:

1. Pull in any amounts of traffic, sales and subscribers anytime you wanted to
2. Set up your online business for free
3. Use valuable content to drive targeted traffic to your website
4. Start an online business without any capital
5. Be able to do this even if you are a newbie
I am sure these should sound quite attractive to you if you want to reach a specific market and create a wave of traffic and income to your bottom line.

Top marketers use SEO article writing at How to start article writing as one of their website promotion methods. Article marketing is truly one of the best ways to market online. Your article will remain on the Internet for a lifetime even if you stopped promoting that product.

Your article gets free advertising and can be easily picked up by the search engines because the search engines love fresh content. Your article is often times used by ezine publishers to give you even more exposure.

If you are not using article marketing to make money online, then you are missing BIG TIME on quality, free traffic. What if you can get started today and create a huge avalanche of traffic that keeps bringing in $27, $47 and $97 sales and subscribers to your list? Wouldn’t that be something that would interest you? I am sure the answer would be yes.

Article marketing is the backbone of any online business. It is a relationship building model because most people who come online do so to seek valuable information. When they arrive to the destination to find your article and realize that you are giving them exactly what they need, then you would have met a need and that person will be happy to click on your link to learn more about you and what you have to offer to solve their problem.

Tip on writing a feature article

Most of your articles should be written to solve people’s problems. You don’t want to write an article that only demonstrates that you know what you are talking about. People want to find out step by step what to do. So in this scope of writing, let me give you five steps to follow to be a successful article marketer.

How to start article writing:

1. Write with the audience in mind and from a perspective on what you would do if you were faced with that issue
2. Give our reader a list of things to do to get to the solution
3. Offer additional resources that will help to solve the problem faster
4. Offer something for free such as a free report that will get the reader more interested in what you have to sell
5. Pattern your article from someone who is dominating your niche. This is called bum marketing. You are not going to plagiarize anyone’s work. You are going to model their technique, but yet create your own brand.
6. Writing an article title that catches the attention of your audience is also key

Writing a feature article each day submitted to five article directories will not only add to your exposure, but keep you around the online business for a long time to come and increase your reputation as an expert in your field.

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