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Dec 30,2008 Shopify API

Traffic Generation Part 21 - Using Ebay For Traffic

Ebay is filled with an insane amount of people, ready to purchase products, and can be a great outlet to explore for traffic. I have had success selling products on ebay and taking a small loss, in exchange for gaining a new customer.

Ebay also has its own classified ads system, which is worth exploring because of not only the traffic, but due to the valuable backlink you would receive as well.

To see me talk a bit more about ebay, please view the Video.

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Video Transcript
Using eBay for traffic.

eBay is a fantastic place its one of the top websites in the world and it gets a ton of ton of traffic. Of course whatever your website is there ways that you can get traffic to it from there.

You might want to take one of your products and sell it on ebay. One thing that people do is they sell a product on there and they lose a little bit of money on the sale but the thing is it gets them new customers.

Something o consider you can also run classified ads on eBay to mention your site. Again it can get you a lot of traffic. If you take the time to look what people are looking for on eBay and are able to find a connection with your site you can get a ton of traffic from eBay because ebay is made up of people sitting there ready to buy stuff.

If your able to pull that sort of traffic into your website you can offer them stuff and make a ton of money from them of course thats always the goal. So again this is`nt going to be fit for everyone but i suggest that you check it out and if you are able to work links into your auctions at the very least its going to be a backlink from ebay which is nothing to sneeze at.

Then again classifieds ads are something worth considering and even selling things that are going to be a loss for you just to get the customers that you can make repeated sales from your website itself.