Easitill Retail EPOS & Magento Integration

The development team at Juno is proud to provide a full range of integration services for your e-commerce firm. Led by an expert Integrations Architect, we use the best-in-class Juno Connect Pro suite to seamlessly connect your EPOS/ERP with your e-commerce systems, allowing your financial and business information to connect.

Easitill offers leading EPOS solutions for businesses of all kinds, building bespoke systems to suit retailers as diverse as garden centres and sports shops. Their tailored approach results in a best-fit solution and can provide high-level point of sale functionality, incorporating every aspect of the retail chain from stock control to loyalty schemes, offering efficient retail management from one central point. But what if it’s time to take the next step? Heading to the online arena requires even more, and that’s where we come in.

Here at Juno Web Design we can take your current Easitill solution and will fully integrate it with your online channel, using the Magento platform as your starting point and ultimately providing a single point of contact between your online operations and physical store. Complex business processes can be streamlined, visibility will be improved and information will be instantly shared throughout the business, offering efficiency like never before.

This way of operating means you can look forward to automatically-updated stock levels, with the direct link from website to warehouse reducing the need for manual stock checking whilst streamlining the reordering process. Customers will see whether their chosen product is out of stock before they click “buy” to avoid disappointment later down the line, and customer experience is further enhanced with the ability to save their delivery details from initial point of contact.

This streamlines the distribution stage and also offers the chance to track purchases, offering valuable insight into shopping habits whilst giving customers additional peace of mind. Marketing focus can be improved even more with the ability to run accurate and up-to-date reports whenever necessary and from any location, with sales and accounting details being updated on a real-time basis for an instant overview into company performance and better decision-making as a whole.
You can enjoy great time and cost savings as well, with the autonomous nature of the system reducing the need for manual input (employees won’t need to manually tot up the books or update the website with stock numbers, for example) and drastically reducing the amount of administration required. Efficiency is improved across the board, and the scalable nature of the system means it can grow in-line with your business objectives.

The Magento platform offers advantages on another level too. With fully-customisable templates you’ll be left with a site that’s the perfect reflection of your business, and with a totally user-friendly design you can be confident in offering a great customer experience. This, combined with full backend functionality, product highlighting, SEO-rich content and total control means you can maximise your potential from every angle for a measurable impact on your bottom line.

If you want to see how Easitill/Magento integration can work for your business, make sure to call us on 0115 941 8122 or email info@junoecommerce.com and we can get things underway.

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    Complete solution

    Store all of your business and finance data in one secure and swift environment.

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    Fully automated

    Save time wasted on manual data input by using the automated system.

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    Proven technology

    Juno Connect Pro has been used by a number of firms using and integration.

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    100% data quality

    The impressive data quality lets you have confidence in the accuracy of your sales and business data.

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    Adapt, change and work with the system to meet your own growing needs.

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    The visible reporting system allows you to view and understand your information easily.