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ERP Australia/ERP Software & Magento

ERP Software provides the solution you need to make the most of your retail operations. It’ll consolidate key business functions in one system, helping to reduce operating costs, allow for better decision-making and have complete visibility across all aspects of retail management, ultimately ensuring your business is as efficient and productive as possible. If you’re about to hit the online arena you’re going to want that same level of performance in your ecommerce system, and here at Juno we can help.

Juno Web Design can integrate your new Magento platform with your ERP Software solution, providing a single point of contact across the business and instantly connecting your online and offline operations for total control and flexibility.

With real-time functionality you can look forward to automatically-updated stock levels and customer details being retained from their initial enquiry, streamlining warehousing and distribution processes for maximum results.

Because purchases can be tracked you not only get to provide a great customer experience but you can get a real-time insight into customer buying habits to improve marketing focus, and you could even use it to offer personalised promotions.

You can improve business intelligence by having access to real-time, accurate information, letting you make better decisions whilst enhanced reporting functionality can give you valuable insight into company performance.

Admin time will be kept to a minimum thanks to the autonomous nature of the system, and with the addition of the Magento platform you can get even more. You’ll have a bespoke solution that’s been built around your unique requirements, and with a user-friendly design and SEO-rich content you’ll have a solution that can deliver on every level.

Want to see what ERP Software and Magento integration can do for you? Then get in touch. We’re experts in the ecommerce arena and know the difference the right kind of system can make to your business, so if you’re looking for a scalable, productive and cost-effective solution to your ecommerce needs make sure to contact us and you could soon make the most of the online sector.

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