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MCommerce Design And Development

You’ve created your company website, you’ve integrated it with your internal systems, you’re successfully selling online and you’ve attacked social media whole-heartedly to market your site, what’s the next step?

Juno web design brings you MCommerce, the next natural step to increasing your business to a broad market that is always on the move.

MCommerce is the ability to conduct commerce over a portable device such as mobile phone, smart phone, PDA system or tablet.

Mobile Commerce has grown since its beginnings in 1997 when you could pay my SMS for a soft drink or a parking ticket. Today with the increased use of Smart Phones, iPhones and android phones, accessibility for consumers is great, but purchasing on the move relies on a good phone, a good network connection and great applications, to be able to complete the Purchase.

Juno Web Design will create a bespoke package that will support mobile devices from the iPad to the smart phone to ensure your customers have a great shopping experience. The designs for Mcommerce are alluring, easy to use and navigate. Applications are scalable which allows consumers to find the information or product they need quickly and reduce the amount of time needed to load a traditional website on a mobile device.

Juno can also integrate the M commerce system with existing systems used within your company such as ERP and Epos, this allows you to take even more sales through another platform.

This whole system is automated and information is regularly sent between the mobile store, website and physical store. You can view sales from all three points areas, and information is updated and available at any time, such as stock levels, distribution data, and accounts data.

Mcommerce from Juno Web Design is SEO friendly and we will endeavour to place your company high on the search engine rankings when searching for key words, products or services through a mobile device.

Increase your market reach and boost sales with Mcommerce and system integration from Juno Web Design.

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