Responsive Web Design

Juno Web Design prides itself of moving forward with the times. These days people are not just purchasing products and services on desktops and PCs. Tablets and mobile phones have made shopping online a whole lot more accessible, and with this, website design needs to move forward- hence Responsive Web Design.

Juno Web Design offers a service that will make your website responsive.

How does Responsive design work?

A responsive design recognises the device on which the customer is using to view a website, it then re-sizes to that particular devices spec.

Whether your customer is viewing on a tablet or a phone, the website will be totally accessible, functional and still look as visually pleasing as it does on a PC.

Responsive Web Design has allowed hundreds of companies to increase their profits by making shopping online a complete pleasure. Customers are buying on the move, on the bus to work, on holiday relaxing, they want products and they want to be able to purchase them simply.

Responsive design is another point to consider when building your website, whether you’re retailing and selling on line, or simply offering a range of services.

If you’re interested in making your web site a responsive design, or for a full redesign of your website with responsive as one of the key elements, contact Juno Web Design today.