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If you’re in the retail sector, getting the right POS system will be at the top of the agenda. You need a solution that can offer simplicity and performance in one, streamlining business-critical functions whilst boosting efficiency at every stage of the process, ultimately ensuring you get a measurable ROI. Well, what about Pathfinder? Offering a range of software solutions to suit retailers across every sector this could be the ideal POS system for your needs, but if you’re about to make the jump to the online arena you’re going to need even more than that.

That’s where Juno Web Design can help. By integrating your current Pathfinder solution with your new Magento platform you can get the benefits of both systems in one, providing a single point of contact across all channels to streamline processes and provide that valuable central connection. Information can be instantly shared across all networks with the website, physical store and warehouse all being intrinsically linked, offering reliable status reports and a high level of control to provide all-round benefits:

Real-time functionality means stock levels are automatically updated whilst status reports can be accessed whenever necessary, with everything from sales information to accounts being easily arranged.
Customer experience is improved as individuals can order based on current availability whilst ensuring quick delivery with instant transmission of shipping details to the warehouse.
The fully automated system means admin and staffing hours are kept to a minimum, cutting costs and boosting productivity across all channels.

With this set-up you can look forward to getting a system that’s efficient, cost-effective and wholly scalable, and because you’re getting the Magento platform at its core you’ll get even more. It’ll be built around your unique requirements to offer the level of functionality that you need, and with effective design it’ll appeal to customers as well as search engines for optimum results.

If that sounds like something you want for your business it’s time to get in touch. Juno can provide the complete ecommerce solution with Pathfinder/Magento integration ensuring you’ve got a system that delivers, so make sure to contact us to discuss your requirements and you could soon experience the difference.