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Out with the old

Chinti & Parker were looking to replatform from their Magento 1 site, which was approaching its end of life. Maintaining their old Magento store had been eating up their resources, and they wanted to invest more time into their marketing strategy. So we moved them onto Shopify Plus.

In with the new

Chinti & Parker aren’t your average high-fashion cashmere brand. What started as a way to reinvent the cashmere market has now garnered a customer base of celebs, including fashion-icon Alexa Chung. As a luxury brand “with a twist”, we built them a Shopify Plus site celebrates everything that makes them different.

Their new Shopify site sports a minimalist, classic design, with colourful quirks and animated flourishes that hint at Chinti & Parker’s playful personality. Towards the bottom of the homepage, doodle-like hits of colour elevate the otherwise minimal design. An animated looping line draws attention to the brand’s email sign-up box, with large, colourful text above reading ‘HELLO HELLO’. Deeper into the site, rich content such as lookbooks and cashmere care guides help to inspire and convert the brand’s customers.

The results

Since their launch in late 2018, Chinti & Parker have seen an impressive 28% increase in conversion rates. Now, the brand is starting to use the Shopify Plus platform to open pop-up stores in London, where fans can come and immerse themselves in the world of Chinti & Parker.

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