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A design overhaul

Although Evotech had recently had a new Shopify Plus site, the design didn’t give their customers a clear shopping journey.

To help make their user journey as simple and quick as possible, we designed their homepage to include a refining search bar. By allowing customers to instantly select the make, model, type and year of their bike, the homepage sends them directly to a list of products specific to their needs. This stylised search bar is prominently above the fold on the homepage, eliminating the risk of confusing new customers.

An improved user journey

Instead of a simple ‘Shop’ section on Evotech’s top navigation menu (as they had before), we broke the journey down into ‘Shop by bike’ and ‘Shop by part’. That way, both bike users, who might not know which part they need, and auto shops, who want to bulk order specific products, are both immediately catered for in the user journey.

To make things even simpler, we enabled predictive suggestions in the site’s main search box to save customers the hassle of spelling out different bike parts.

Getting more out of Shopify Plus

When they came to us, Evotech hadn’t yet utilised a lot of Shopify Plus’s incredible features, so we also worked with them to get more out of their platform.

We set up their homepage to make it easy for their team to make style changes, using Shopify’s drag-and-drop editing functionality to remove the complexity of front-end editing. We also designed them a customised Shopify checkout, keeping it consistent with the rest of their site’s new modernised design.

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